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tv   Action News Weekend Edition at 6AM  ABC  August 13, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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duke energy customers scammed out of $40,000 how criminals are getting your hard earned money. >> and is pokemon go being used by spies. why the pentagon is now banning the most popular game in the world.
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thrones fanatics have been waiting for in tampa. how to get tickets to the live concert experience. winter is coming to tampa bay and i'm excited about it. ashley yore in for lindsay logue. >> james tully. no relation to anyone from game of thrones. >> do you think anybody watching this morning that got that. let's check in with bill logan. the moral -- most accurate forecasts. >> are you any relation to the was totally? >> -- louis tully. >> who is that? >> rick moran as from
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him. >> i will have to catch up on game of thrones and catch you up on what is returning finally to our typical summertime pattern. yes, i heard some applause. we are clear right now and tie in doppler radar we will back it up over the past several hours and all we get is a little bit of ground clutter no rain as we move to the overnight hours and right now we are starting over temperatures typically mild for 77 tampa, clearwater, st. petersburg 76 degrees in just a few clouds around with winds out of the east and southeast and going through the day today, look for high of about 92 and more typical pattern, showers will show up later after we hit that high of 92 and see some clouds and the rain will get here about five, 5:30. i will pinpoint the shower activity for you and also let you know when you will need to break out your umbrella in less than 15 minutes. back over to you.
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newsroom out of tampa, right now the northbound lane on 50th street from broadway to distribution drive is closed to traffic. police are working on a fatal accident there. officers tell us a car hit a pedestrian. officials say the road will be closed for the next several hours and if you have to head that way you may want to take a different route. new this morning, right now, new mexico police officers dead and three suspects are in custody. is pulled over a vehicle -- chavez pulled over vehicle when a passenger got out, shot at his car and killed him. the suspects ran and carjacked another vehicle and shot that driver and the victim is still in the hospital this morning. the suspect driving a stolen car crashed and then surrendered . right now, at least two people dead this morning as heavy rain and floods pound on new orleans and parts of mississippi. dozens of people still stranded in their homes by wait time
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-- waist high water rescue crews tried to save money with more heavy rain expected in louisiana this weekend. not out of the woods yet. also, six people are dead this morning and northern virginia following a plane crash . authority say the small plane caught fire shortly after crashed on friday and where it was coming from authority say all the victims are not from virginia. state and local authorities with the investigation here into what caused this aircraft crash. spirit airlines flight making an emergency landing at orlando international. six people to the hospital. officials tell us that smoke in the pocket -- cockpit forced the flight back. this morning spirit is saying the problem was the air conditioner.
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severe turbulence tossed some people into the ceiling. 24 people had to be rushed to the hospital for evaluations. the mother charged in the death of her 13-day-old daughter is back at home. kathleen still posted a bond get out of jail said at $1000. the sheriff says her six-year- old son beat his she ran an errand and leaving her children locked in the van for 40 minutes. the van was full of blood and the 13--day-old was tossed around the lab -- ragdoll neighbors cannot believe what happened. >> i do not know how things like that can happen how a six- year-old can turn that bad that quick i don't know what was going through his mind.
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another errand and then drove home even after she saw that her daughter was severely injured and officials say she called the nurse down the street to immediately called 911 and the sheriff says she showed little to no emotion about what happened to her infant. legal team for dr. love says they are considering an insanity defense. police a malachi logan robinson pretended to be a real doctor in west palm beach even though he did not go to medical school and if found reason of insanity he could be committed to a mental hospital. we will continue following the case and we should learn more about the plans on monday when logan robinson is supposed be in court. right now pulse nightclub victims are able to apply for the one orlando find, this $23 million in the fire pite applications online are for the one orlando website go to the website for the funds, victims
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families have until september talk to submit a claim. payments will start on september 27. former penn state assistant football coach at jerry sandusky has publicly denied that he ever molested children. he took the stand yesterday for the first time after he was convicted of sexually abusing 10 boys 4 years ago. he is serving up to 60 is in jail right now and now he says that back in 2012 properly represented by his legal team and he was advised not to take the stand. the 72-year-old host to get his convictions thrown out or a new trial. number eight young men testified that he abused them as children and some of those incidents happened in penn state locker rooms. duke energy officials are warning of a new scam aimed at business owners. they say the scammers are calling claim to be from duke energy collecting an unpaid
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off the within the hour. this game has caused florida business owners 40 grand. officials say the scammers are so sophisticated that when the business owner call the number it sends them to an exact recording of duke energy customer service. >> thank you for: duke energy business and industry line. >> is very realistic and deceiving. >> agree. also frustrated with one of larger businesses throughout the state have fallen for the scam. duke officials say they would never threatened the power within the hour. it is important to remember. if you receive a phone call like this, called duke energy using the number on their website. crews a pasco county keep a watch on a depression in hudson, workers were out pulling of concrete trying to get a better idea of what they were facing. officials say the homeowner will be responsible for the repairs since the depression is on private property. three people -- city of
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at 10 am. following a $3.1 million and they closed it in 2009 because the cracks and leaks and the city added heaters sold the pool to stay open all year long when it dips into the 70 degree water? >> sure. you get relief from jumping into a pool exactly. more coming up on abc action news we can addition, seemingly in somewhere in tampa bay costing people their lives and you and insurance cost. alex rodriguez, final game in a yankees uniform could the tampa bay rays spoiler i do not see any weather
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the storms show up later. i will give you a breakdown of
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the possibility of wet roads it would end could create hazardous driving conditions. >> this was a new report finding that lack of sleep is having deadly consequences on roads all across the nation. abc action news reporter karen wasik has what you can do to be more alert behind the wheel. >> not every driver drinks but every driver gets tight so there's more a risk of drowsy driving. >> reporter: he admits it's happened to him and he's not a shame sometimes he pulls over for quick catnap to avoid falling asleep at the wheel. >> because if you don't there are too many people on the road who do not do that and they may start weaving and all of a sudden we are in an accident in the hospital or they in -- are in the hospital someplace. >> reporter: attorney works in several cases every year involving drowsy drivers. he says most often drivers hurt or injured when they are tired and of crashing their own car but sometimes drivers nodding off will swerve into another vehicle or even drive the wrong
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us at risk for people getting hurt in car accidents. >> reporter: experts say drowsy driving is becoming an epidemic. study show a driver running on six hours of sleep or less performs at the level of someone legally drunk as a result of more than 72,000 drowsy driving crashes in the past few years and 800 deaths. the numbers could actually be much higher since it can be tough to prove that a driver fell asleep and this time of >> reporter: back to school, people are adjusting to the new schedules, early morning and so people are just tired, driving to and from school. >> reporter: driving along trips and time changes more likely to make you a sleepy driver. the good news, it's fixable. try hard to get the recommended amount of sleep or grab caffeine to get you going. they were, -- in clearwater
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illegally truck is scary. how many times do you hit the road less on the -- on less than that. >> watch at sunday 9:00 -- 11:00 after doing weather, i only get 2.5, three hours of shoes -- sleep. >> i do not think that a good idea. >> the 11 o'clock show on sunday good times. loads arrest and i'm pacing myself. looking to tampa bay, south tampa southern crosstown expressway through the middle and no problems on the road and everybody has got their proper rest and today will be a very restful day after what we've had over the past couple of weekends with all that rain and
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skies, clouds around and return to typical summertime stuff. that is the good news. we are into the dog days of summer and that is very, very pertinent today. i will show you in a second. clear, how to start and showers and storms show up later. some could be happy but for right now nothing is showing up on the are but we do have storms movi yesterday because of the predominate southeast wind i will show you one more time as this goes up at a grouse we -- up and across clear, humid and comfortable this is where the temperature should be this time of year. 77 across the board from crystal river two port richie, clearwater and tampa and 76 from sarasota to myakka city, brayden schenn apollo beach st. petersburg cooler inlet 75 four
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lakeland, 73. i said the area of moisture that was here last week and was about here and it is back toward the west and those folks in southern mississippi louisiana are going to get hammered with that same massive moisture that we had last week and basically tropical and not a lot of wind with it but tropical moisture will continue to rain down on those folks and flooding there. for us epic saturday, heat index reaches the low 100 top out in the low 90s 30-40% chance of storms -- storm show up later futurecast can you timing by 5:00, once again we start to see the storms pull up from the east spotty around by 7:00 or so and lingering until 9:00. could see a bull's-eye around clearwater and even rain lingering to 11:00. clearing out overnight starting
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to the west by 5:30, 6:00 could have heavy lightning may be heavy winds and then by 11:00 things will clear out. speaking of the dog days, it is going to be a dog day at the pool and st. petersburg welcome in your canine friends for dinner between 9:30 and 11:00 and between 11:30 and 1:00 dogs and five dollars for humans are free. good day for swims as temperatures 85 gulf water temperature and good for boating, wind the south after initially starting southeast light chop on the waterways and uv index extreme. sunup 7:00 and set that 8:10. the most accurate 7-day forecast, starting up for the weekend 40% chance of showers today and tomorrow and will keep it route 40-50% through the work week as well. updated at on the tropics which are clear and for a clear look at the
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good morning becky the stopping by. love them or loathe them alex rodriguez go down as a great and last night his final game in yankee pinstripes facing the tampa bay rays. he loves dramatics. clouds opened up shortening his pregame ceremony in front of his family delaying the game by one hour b to left, 26 of the year, 1-0 good guys bottom of the first alex rodriguez first at-bat archer writes center field gap baltimore rbi double for a rod. third career hit off of archer finishing 1-4. three, three, in the six out of the reach of --
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a final time and after the first out top of the night ending the 12 year career in yankee pinstripes classy move and yankees the tampa bay rays 6-3. will a rod play again. he has not used the -- r word for retired and has not committed to play again or at least not yet. >> it was overwhelming. i put the fans through a lot and at this point a lot of people a wearing the uniform a special to me and these pinstripes are the best. >> if this is the end for alex rodriguez he has finished fourth on the all-time home run list with 696 home runs. he has not said he's retiring but he also said he's not sure if he wants to play again and have not made up his mind.
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future. if the team comes calling who knows he may take it. yankees have effectively released him this morning. not the star joe carter was looking for for his first game as head coach thursday at philly but by the first quarter dismal performance. thankful it was the preseason opener and the regular-season opener. it started with the fumble of the opening kickoff eagles recovered and scored later. the next office of possession is not better. and eventually they score again. five total turnovers the buccaneers in that game 17-9 loss. defense played great. four sacks. fumbling on the first play of the first game of the preseason like he did is not going to help his chances and making the roster for a. returned. they said yesterday after -- despite the fumble he did good things against the eagles.
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multiple times and just didn't get the ball thrown to him probably five, five plays in the game where he did his job and got open. it is one preseason game and we've had 11 of the practices and the next two weeks we are going to go six times, six days in the next two weeks against other teams. there's plenty of evaluation to go. >> and he is right plenty of time to fix the mistakes and evaluate players t n against jackson. that your morning sports report enjoy your saturday.
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fighting crime with a click of a button. manatee county man helped to generate dozens of tips about suspected car burglar sikora camera. >> crime that could affect
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safe. jacqueline ingles is taking action explaining how to get started using an app that can help protect your family force within seconds of this man scanning video seeing if there were two men in his driveway in his car, that video made it into the hands of hundreds of neighbors with just one click on his smart phone. >> almost 1000 views on youtube for that video, couple they recognize him. >> reporter: thomas is community policing using an iphone app uploading video of two men breaking into his car alerting neighbors within seconds. >> it helps talk to your neighbors, people you may not even have met before. >> reporter: the app is called next door and the coveney says almost 2000 communities across the bay area are using it allowing neighbors to communicate online. in march the company partnered with
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support neighbors using this app and investigators work the case tell you it is okay. >> we have over 1000 partnerships with these kinds of agencies across the country so when you join next door you will not only be able to tap into your neighbors you will be able to tap into all the public utilities around you as well. >> reporter: the man who broke into his car have not been found yet but he says without a doubt he is improving his chances of finding them i getting hundreds of eyes on the vide that everybody check your car sports getting started is easy, go to next door .com make an account and give them your address and when they verify your address you can start chatting with neighbors. manatee county, jacqueline ingles abc action news . >> neighborhood watch for 2016 and wireless surveillance systems like the one he had in
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caught on camera. >> we show you how police finally got the driver after the suspect refused to stop for nearly one hour. >> keyless entry may not be as safe as we thought. hackers now say they can break into millions of cars. we will tell you if your vehicle is at risk. >> here's something interesting, texas grandpa shows he's not an old man. unusual way
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welcome back to abc action news on james tully. it's 6:30 and here is what we mother charged in the death of a 13--day-old daughter posted bond to get out of jail. kathleen steele posted $1000 bond and the sheriff says her six-year-old son beat his 13- day-old sister while she ran into a cell phone store leaving her three children in the van. without air-conditioning for 38 minutes but the mother showed little to no emotion about what happened to her infant. duke energy officials one of a scam aimed at business owners they say the scammers
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planning if it's not paid immediately alleges he will be turned off within the hour and so far the scam has cost florida business owners $40,000. right now at least two people that this morning as heavy rain and flooding pound on the wall is and parts of mississippi. dozens are still stranded in their homes by water that his waist high. governor declared state of emergency. crews in both -- boat strike to expected this weekend in the area. bill logan, the radar looks nasty the last couple of days. >> is looking nasty now. back in the weather center look behind you. >> we are not seeing that where they are. >> this was the same system over here last week and and that's why we have the rain last weekend and this has been a tropical acting system that is
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is going to sit and spin so those folks are definitely under the gun. thoughts and prayers with them through louisiana parts of mississippi as well. you saw some of the pictures it is already flooding and they will get anywhere between 8-10 more inches of rain in some parts through the remainder of this weekend. nothing like that around here where we get the tower cam showing a nice looking start to your saturday. as we look down on davis islands in the center of the screen, harbor island on the left and there's the moisture as we get a nice look of what will be happening here across the state. we've had showers pulling through and over the past couple of hours, not bad now. 73 in lakeland. serzone has 76, 75 and punta gorda and winterhaven, bartow 72. 73 right now and brooksville and as we come into the metro,
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the desert, 76, 75 right now beale air force base and brandon. today, 89 by noon time it, we will watch the clouds start to the can and we could get some showers by later on and we will show you when the rains fall we put it into the timeline and let you know when the best chance for rain is going to be around here not a washout by any stretch and should be a beautiful saturday to enjoy your outdoor an update on the election and what will we talk about next. how about tax returns. hillary clinton releasing her tax returns increasing the pressure on donald trump to do the same. hillary and bill clinton adjusted gross income was $10.6 million last year. they gave away about $1 million to charity records show an income dropped from $70 million from previous years because hillary stopped giving speeches and started campaigning.
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shaping up to be a must-wins they for the republican nominee trump trailing clinton by 10 points. clinton leads trump in several critical battleground states including florida where she leads 44-39 to colorado not necessarily a swing state but bigley for clinton 46-32. north carolina, she now leads buying 9 points and it looks like her vice president pick tim kaine with the former governor and current senator in virginia is paying off for now. clinton another double-digit lead in virginia 46 and 33%. caught on camera, dangerous high-speed chase out of texas and only ends when that black pickup truck crashes into a car with a family inside. the chase lasted one hour going through several different highways in houston and police say the driver of the truck was speeding away from a burglary. the car that the truck slammed into had children inside and we do not know how the family is doing this morning and we will
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lawyer for steven avery, the focus of the documentary making of a murder that she is thrilled a federal judge overturned the murder conviction yesterday. dance is a breeze nephew convicted of raping and murdering a woman. the star witness in the trial, the judge ruled his confession was coerced and saw some recorded confession on the show. avery is pursuing an appeal and his lawyer was in 1995, new volkswagen owners, keyless entry system, experts say they can hack the keyless entry system with a device that cost just $40. this affects millions of cars built since 1995. mine did not have it. the company says of the company's systems are also at risk and if the system is hacked people can get access
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pokemon go story. what would that be, the craze is not fascinating everyone and lawmakers are included. the pentagon banning the app government issued phones and devices. washington times is a memo by officials claims the game can be used by supplies to pinpoint locations and information. talk about a cool grandpa, texas teenager watching the game with his parker tweeted pictures about his grandpa responded when a man on a train offered to give the 68-year-old his seat. the grandpa very respectfully declined and pulled off a stunt and olympic gymnast would perform and actually grabbed the poll -- pole hosting his legs into the air.
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the olympics and tokyo. >> i think somebody was holding his legs up i do not believe it and once we see that i want to see you replicate it. your dancing with the stars and you can do it. >> bill logan will pull my legs up in the air. >> you might be the only one. a student is not financial issues get in the way of going to college. >> sprucing up homes in the area to get into a dream school. yardwork never did this for
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back-to-school time for kids in the area but this teenager has spent his summer working to save for the future. >> i threw my savings away on a car, a thunderbird if i would've worked harder i could've gotten something cool. finding ways to save for college tuition and the lengths this man is going to. >> reporter: even in the pouring rain. >> we do know it was down so god gave us free to use them.
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st. petersburg you may see this father-son duo. >> tyree harris junior and his dad walked every house. >> one day my son came to me and said what are we going to do about my college. >> tried to build something better for my future depending on where i came from. >> reporter: honor roll student told his dad this. >> if he has any ideas to help me to try to get the college tuition up and his idea was to cut grass and for college tuition. >> reporter: the single father of five put his barbershop on hold to encourage his son, his dreams the summer. >> i want something to go forward to it made me proud to hear him think ahead and to prepare for the future. >> reporter: and that's why dad set up a savings account in his name he cannot touch it until these 18. james schneider is happy to be part of that.
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cut and i needed it bad it was overgrown and i was progressive excessive, sure, how much do you charge he said $20 and i said yeah, absolutely forced to keep diaries customers happy while in school. >> i guess while in school i will keep doing it for him. >> reporter: it's more than savings it is turnrned into a special bond to keep pushing each other to be the best. >> good for him. >> good dad. heavy rain we dealt with this past week are puddles and standing water can come with mosquitoes. >> the unlikely places near your home that might harbor mosquitoes carrying zika. be right back.
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high alert
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zika virus as more possible rain could lead to more mosquitoes. >> the mosquitoes that carry the zika virus is very specific and where it lays its eggs. i'm showing you with a could be hiding in your own backyard. >> these are mosquitoes after hatching and they could be swimming and containers left out on your property. >> she will late the egg above the waterline and when it rains like this the water level comes up and she rubs the eggs and that's when they hatch. >> and then you have one week before they are full adult mosquitoes. >> looking at a short interval of time. >> number one thing to do is get rid of standing water so if you have plans like this in your backyard, you want to make sure that all of this get dumped out.
6:48 am
shop the owner says he sprays ties with chemicals to kill mosquitoes. >> no mosquitoes or nothing that's why, everyday we spray. >> reporter: down the road we found standing water and tires for sale and mosquito larvae swimming inside. our mosquito expert calls tires the hotel for the mosquitoes and consistent rain creates more places for them to lay eggs. >> a lot of containers getting filled with water and again if there are eggs in the containers and they are flooded all of these mosquitoes will hatch. >> did you see that we went to a tire shop and we saw the larval already in the -- larva in the water. >> they can carry zika, right.
6:49 am
swarm of mosquitoes in one week's time. >> and we were nice enough to get the close of video to show us, that was -- >> the day off it takes maybe 15-20 minutes check around your house and my house if you have parted plans, pots -- potted plants, dump >> all of the eggs will be gone. >> great start to the morning as we look live from the mainsail beach camera down and of sick sick street on anna maria island, great place to go today, i am absolutely sure the beach will not stay this empty. very long on the saturday folks heading out to enjoy a beautiful day and it is clear now on titan doppler radar here and back to the west all of the
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over sell the parts of louisiana and mississippi they have flash flood warning's through 9:00 this morning for a number of counties throughout louisiana and the system is just going to sit here and spin like it did last week and in our neck of the woods it has moved to the west and these folks are under the gun already flooding in many areas by flash flooding is going to be a problem today and that standing water is going to be there for a while. basically a tropical system without has all the rain and speaking of tropical systems, folks the national hurricane center at noaa upped the prediction for the forecast this year. for the most part they are saying that it will be near- normal year or about 35% chance of being above normal. below normal maybe 15% so we will keep an eye on things as we go through this hurricane
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has late august to september october we see more activity. clear in clearwater, 77 degrees winds from the southeast at six, 76 and st. petersburg and partly cloudy 77 degrees and have a, e southeast winds at five miles per hour. his look at futurecast, taking you do this saturday mostly clear through most of the afternoon and by 5:00 we see showers creep up from the south and east 5:00 good storms through central sarasota county and they will continue to pull back across the metro later. high today of 92 in tampa, cooler along the coast. topping out at 86, 87% or soda and the inland -- sarasota and the inland temperatures feels like temperatures will be warmer than that.
6:52 am
downtown st. petersburg early sunday morning and late tonight and tomorrow, costume contest twisted johnson -- dungeon should be warm for had showers around at 6:00 and things clear into the evening. as far as the beach forecast today to temperatures 85 degrees uv index extreme at 11:00 highs in the upper 80s along the beach to be warmer further inland 40% chance of showers both today and tomorrow and holding onto that as it looks like a typical summer week through the end of the workweek. will keep you updated at and i'm tweeting information including ashley's story about the best ways to avoid zika at bill logan wfts . three new movies hope it's takedown suicide squad.
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that the family can enjoy and one that they cannot.
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a trio of movies new in theaters this weekend but to any of them have the power to defeat the suicide squad? here's a sneak peek at the new films coming out right now.
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years, at least not alone. >> he is not alone, peta dragon in theaters this weekend with experts predicting $25 million opening for the remake, 1977 original combined live-action with hand-drawn animation while the 21st century elliott is a cg dragon. >> look at this. >> sausage party is a different take on the animated genre earning before rating, pundits predict the party can make between 50 million thousand $20 million are being seth rogen and he's enjoy the reviews access 01 review that said it is like if the people at pixar got syphilis which i took as a complement. >> that seems perfect to me. >> based on the true story florence foster jenkins tell the tale of a socialite turned opera singer and not a very
6:57 am
competitors and expected to make five-$8 million. >> funny what the assumption is made calling my game of thrones super fence. >> it is me. >> ashley, in the middle of the thrones concert experience is coming to the arena march 12 next year taking us through a musical journey through the realm, tickets go on sale at 10 am this morning for the box office and prices start at $35 which is reasonable. >> guess what. the day before my birthday. >> is it? >> some of the great present for me. >> yes. hope somebody's listening. we will see. $35 is reasonable. >> not even worth the ticket.
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i'm supposed to show you my dancing with the stars move on facebook live. we will do that later but we had more to get to coming up on abc action news weekend edition. one local area ranking number one when it comes to home burglaries in august, up next 7:00 ways to protect your home at low cost. homeowners on the hook, expensive protection that can
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